FAQs for adult patients


Can I drink or eat anything on the day of surgery/procedure?  What are the NPO guidelines?

Your will NOT be able to eat any food or drink any liquid after midnight before the procedure. Further, on the day of surgery/procedure, do not eat candy or chew gum.

Why are the NPO guidelines so important?

Dr. Marn follows the guidelines for NPO from the ASA (American Society of Anesthesiology). These are standards that were scientifically evaluated to prevent aspiration and aspiration pneumonia.  

What is aspiration and aspiration pneumonia?

Aspiration is when a person inhales something that isn’t supposed to go into the windpipe (trachea).  For our purposes, we are talking about aspirating stomach contents either passively (like when sedated) or actively (like when vomiting).  Aspiration and aspiration pneumonia can be very serious and life-threatening because the fluid from the stomach can be very acidic and contain particulate matter (e.g. food) in it.  

How can parents and patients prevent aspiration?

Most aspirations are preventable by following the NPO guidelines very carefully.  Be open and honest if these instructions are violated.



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